Trumbull, Connecticut


Sweets by Mariela

Custom-made Decorated Cookies, Celebration Cakes - Cupcakes & other Sweets

About Us


The Self-Taught Cookier/Baker

Introducing myself has always been difficult for me. I have a very diverse background. I'm a born and raised Dominican who moved to US after finishing medical school in pursue of a medical career. I'm currently a Licensed Nutritionist/Certified Nutritionist Specialist.  Also, while being a Mom, I discovered my passion for cooking and baking. I started learning about baking online in December of 2015 while I finished my Masters in Nutrition. After lots of trials, I have been making beautiful cookies and celebration cakes. While I was improving my skills, the Cottage Food Law in CT was being finalized and now I’m also a Licensed Cottage Food Operator and Owner of this proud home-based business 'Sweets by Mariela LLC'.


Handcrafted Goods

We make custom decorated cookies, celebration cakes and cupcakes. Due to Cottage Food Regulations, I can't ship, but if you are local, we can arrange pick up and or delivery.


The Joy of Baking

Creating your custom-made sweets is a passion of mine turned into business. I give my heart and soul to every order, every cookie, every cupcake. My goal is for you to taste this love in every single bite.